Thursday, February 26, 2009

weekend yeah!!!

Hey everybody,

So glad the weekend is here pretty much... another week closer to nicer weather.. It seems that everyone, everywhere is feeling the same way. With the economy and the weather it feels like the world is in a downward spiral.. but I do try to be positive.... so I've seen a few different things on other blogs that I have thought are very cool so I'm going to do a few ......

My thankful list...Im feeling a bit whoas me sooooo.....

1. my family and kids are healthy

2. we have a roof over our heads and the mortgage is paid

3. my husband and I have a great marriage

4. hot coffee in the a.m.

5. spring is almost here

I'm going to the Rings n things big bead show on sunday and I can't wait.... hopefully going to get my paws on some nice little treasures.....

I got my sisters birthday gift done tonight, they are so pretty and delicate I know she is going to flip for them.... she is such a great friend and sister and she deserves some beautiful jewels.. I will post them tomarrow probly.. keep in mind my camera doesn't do them justice!

till we meet again... :)

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