Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"move along, move along like ya no ya do"

Hi! I love that song move along by All American Rejects! That's kinda how I'm feeling today! Things are finally starting to go smoother than they have in a while! Jessica got her cast off on monday, no physical activity for a month for her and she has some wrist excer. To do, otherwise her wrist healed nicely! 2 of the guys that ronnie has been working for the last 6 mos decided to go back to cali, so that's a blessing, he doesn't have to cut them loose after all. Taekwondo is great and I'm so glad I'm back in class. My friend is black belt testing on sat, so I have been giving her a helping hand. There is a ton of stuff she has to know!! She has asked me to hold for her if she needs to do a 3 station break. Meaning break 3 boards, one after the other doing 3 different techniques. She will do good, she doesn't think she's ready but if she wasn't sabumnim (master) wouldn't let her test! If everything goes according to plan corey and I will be black belt testing next april! Seems far away but there is a ton we have to know!! Anyway, we finally got ron's bond paid for his business which was a huge chunk, 900. And an additional, unexpected 600. OUCH!!! We've been struggling to get caught up from when he had no work for 3 wks a couple months back, between that and bills and the bond, talk about stress city! So now with it paid for another year, we feel a lot less stressed and work is going well. Ya no that's how it is in the contracting business, feast or famine. A lot of the time we can get caught up with one good paycheck or job, which seems to be what is happening now. So my new motto is.. I won't make myself sick stressing because things always seem to work out no matter how much I stress about them! and if your wondering why I don't work?? Well, when I was working I worked 4 days a week and brought in about 500.A month and being a wife and mother I still had all the responsibilities that go along with those titles, so for me, it much easier to just be home! My mom watches my kids when I work and her health is just to poor now to do it. Our kids are 14 and 10 and so many people think"well there old enough to be alone" my feelings on this are that now is just as important as when they were "little" with peer pressure, sex,internet and everything else our youth faces today it is so important to be an active part and role model in there lives!! My nephew had a fellow teammate that just committed suicide!! 16 yrs old! Horrible! I'm so thankful that we are managing and that I can stay home with my kids. They grow so fast as it is and I enjoy the time we have together! I'm very lucky!! So hopefully my jewelry business will start to take off at any moment and I can earn a little extra cash!! Hahaha. Hopefully I will be getting some needed tools soon so that I can start learning to silversmith!! I hope all is well for everyone out there! Peace out!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pictures FINALLY!!!!

well how is everyone?

I finally got the camera back!! yahoo!!! here are some pics of what ive done since it broke.. I will be listing these in my shop probly tomarrow, since im here at my moms and will have to come back tomarrow to list them. I don't have the time tonight!!

well that's it for now!! what do ya"ll think?? trying to be more creative with my pictures. I also went outside and took a few..
talk to ya later!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Im torn up!!!

Hey Hey!!!! How is everyone?? Good I'm hoping! Taekwondo is going good, getting back in the groove, but man I'm soooooo sore!! After class last night my hip was achin!! Really wish our hottub was in working order. So my mom lives about 15 mins away from me and she got pounded with 6 in of snow! W0W!! Thank god its green at my house! Also wanted to comment on some of the blogs that won't let me leave comments, soon I will have my computer back, its almost finished but can't afford to get it back till end of the month! Hey Lisa..... I love the new tools, those letter stamps are so neat, tammy has the same ones and I saw them on her blog and want some for myself when I start doing that, as of now everythings on hold due to first purchase will be a tumbler I need one now!! Then I will start gathering to start (trying) to silversmithing, I want to make lovlies like you and can only hope that in a few yrs I can look back and be as successful! My fingers are crossed :) that spiro whatever drink mix, can I get that at GNC or somewhere else? Need a good shake for morning, not much of an eater in the am I drink instant breakfast a lot but not good for trying to lose weight! Tammy.... Love the rings you just did, the custom order.when I start setting stones and get good at it I want to use sea glass!! I just think it is beautiful, I grew up on an island so I think that's why I love the idea of it so much, a little bit of home I can carry with me! I'm sure you will be glad to see your DH soon! A month is a long time! Mine will be gone for the wk next wk! I'm dreading it, but when he is gone for a period of time I get used to it, he has been home for a long time, but gotta go where the work is right!!! Candace.....I miss your blogging, you must have a lot going on, I hope all is well with your dad and that he is healing fast! :) Can't wait to get the camera back, I need to pick it up! I feel like my life has been on hold for the last couple months, but things are slowly getting better, my DH finally realized he can't make the kind of money he needs to with 4 guys on his crew, so thankfully when this job he is on now is done he is cutting 2 loose!! That will help out a great deal!! For now I will just keep trying to be patient! Take care all and talk to ya later!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

camera's fixed!!!

Hey, I hope everyone had a great Easter. Ours was low key and quiet. My mom called today and said Best Buy called her and her camera was in and they did fix it, when she took it in they said that it being dropped wasn't covered by the insurance she had on it,( she had told them it had been dropped) but they said they would send it out anyway and if the repair place couldn't prove it had been dropped they would fix it. So I guess honesty does pay..yes now my kids get what we've been telling them lol!yahoo!! I will have pics again soon people!!! I'm so glad I was feeling like my blog was super BORING!!! Which it was, I really love to see pics on peoples blogs. I have about 10 new pieces to list on etsy also. The lastest is a really pretty choker with garnets and hemitite heart accents on top by the clasp! It's very delicate and is only 8 1/2 in. For those ladies that like em short. Not sure what I should charge? Thinking just my time at 10.00 an hour would be 30. Everything is hand linked!! I'm still really struggling with my pricing! I feel like I want to charge more, but I have so much self doubt and want to be able to have a good reason for my pricing if someone asks "why is it this price?" I've seen stuff similiar to mine or the same techniques and the price is double mine, I guess maybe I feel like because I haven't been making jewelry very long I don't have the "right" to charge a lot or what some people charge for a similiar item, I know that doesn't make sense but that is where the self doubt comes in. Ahhhhh *big sigh* enough about my inadequete feelings!!!!! Hopefully my computer will be fixed soon also, it has been 2 wks and I haven't heard anything yet, they said it would be about 2 1/2 wks when I took it in.I was really bummed I couldn't enter lisas drawing, her blog won't let me leave comments from my bl.berry! *sniffle,sniffle* or watch videos, I knew I should have gotten an Iphone!! Dbl dang!! Who ever won will really enjoy wearing it and showing it off I'm sure! Well not a lot going on here so enough boring stuff! I hope everyone has an awesome day! later!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

almost friday!!

Hi, this week has gone by fairly quickly! The weather has been warm and sunny which has been great! Supposed to get rainy this weekend but spring is finally here! Monday my DH won tickets to see Tesla and we also got to meet them!! SO COOL!!! They are really nice and down to earth, It's been about 6 yrs since we've seen them in concert. So Tues night we went to the show and the venue is really small so every seat is a good one! They also have a full bar, so we were able to have a couple drinks and take a load off!! We really needed that! I'm back to Taekwondo class and it feels great! Corey and I went last night and Mr.Justin torn us up!! What a work out, corey whined and complained the whole way there and about 20 mins into class said to me "mom, you are always right, I do like it and I'm glad I'm here".... kids!!! Looking forward to my sparring class tonight! I will post a pic of us with Tesla when I get it. Another couple that won also took a pic (we had a group photo)and are going to email me one!! Sucks not having a camera!! My tummy is already rumbling for dinner! Crockpot lasagne, mmmmmmm but I will have to wait until after Taekwondo, lasagne and tkd don't mix well. Happy trails!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sundays and Brownies

Hey all! Not a lot going on here, yesterday was gorgeous and seems today will be also. Took the opportunity yesterday to get out in the yard and do some cleaning up, which means dog poo duty! After a long winter of no one cleaning up, it was a stinky job! So rubber gloves and shovel in hand I tackled it. Feels great to know our yard is clean and the dogs like it also, they have been doing some sun bathing, if I was on my comp I would post some pics of them! This weekend I took some time to read back blog posts of some of the blogs I follow, and found some new blogs also!! Contrariwise ramblings is a great blog, it is really interesting hearing about all the great places she's traveled to and about her other adventures in life and jewelry. I really lean more towards blogs that are filled with everyday life as well as jewelry. Tammy's treasure chest is another blog I read and she seems like such a great person. I also read past blogs on candace who I really like,I'm so glad she has combined her 2 blogs!! and lisa.. What can I say about lisa, she is my favorite! There is just something about her blogs and jewelry that really takes hold of me?? Sounds weird I know but she is just so funny and seems very "true" and I love her sweet little house out in the woods!(I would love to live in the woods and have privacy!) her tutorials and her video blogs, our kids are about the same age and my son suffers from A.D.H.D and was diagnosed with tourettes when he was younger, but I think the tourettes was a missdiagnoses, he doesn't take meds anymore and the symptoms I guess I really just admire lisa and her strength to change her life and make the best of what she's been given, which is what I need to do as well!! So a little secret for my blogging friends... I quit smoking almost 6 yrs ago this May... But this past couple of yrs I started smoking cloves.. It all happened on a 5 day trip to vegas, damn vegas!!! So I quit then I will get stressed and start again thinking it's better to smoke cloves than a "real" cig, which I know its not! So this last stint has been since august and I have really been wanting to quit but it seems that I always try when I'm totally stressed so what's the point right?? Well I realized that part of my funk lately has been that, just feeling down on myself for doing it and then I get headaches from it also!! I'm feeling the effects of it. So I have quit!!! I'm a cold turkey kinda girl I just feel like get it over with ya know!? And today I'm going back to the dojang! (Taekwondo school) also part of my funk, feeling like I need to lose some weight, I just feel like I'm worthless sitting around daily, not working, not excersizing, feeling stressed out!! The sunshine really does help to have a clear prospective on things. I haven't been making anything new lately, I'm out of quite a few things and just don't have the money right now to restock!! Soon though!! My husbands bond for work came due this month and instead of the regular 900.00 they also wanted an additional 600.00 due to the economy!! WHAT?? You would think they would give us self employed folks a break due to the economy! So hopefully next month I will be restocking and getting a tumbler. Going to get a lortone(?) I've heard good things about them. I know you can find tumblers cheaper at Harbor Frieght but my DH says not to buy stuff like that there, there is a reason they are cheaper. We had brownies for dessert last night, I needed a chocolate fix after the yard cleanup!! Sorry my post was so long today, hopefully I haven't bored you all to death! I guess I really needed to get it out!! One last thing, being a martial artist, of course I love the W.E.C.(World extreme cagefighting) and the U.F.C., I was really sad to hear about the death of Mask, the founder of Tapout. He died in a car crash march 11th. Sounds like he Might have been racing?? Anyway, just wanted to put that out there for all the other Tapout fans like me! Hope every one has a fabulous day!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

snow sucks! Where's spring??

Hey, well it snowed last night about 2-3in.... I just want it to be sunny and warm, is that to much to ask!? We finally got our hot water fixed, we have a gas tank so I guess it was the component that actually lights the pilot light, you hold it down when you want to light the pilot. So we replaced it and it's working better than it ever has. I guess it's been going out for a while.we know this great guy who is self-employed and has fixed our furnace in the past, he charged us under 200.00 such a great guy! I haven't really made anything new in the last week, life has taken over and I haven't been able.. Take care, until nrxt time.....