Friday, October 9, 2009


Hello people~

I know I haven't blogged for a while, I just didn't really have much to say!

I do however have a few new things to talk about. Our sweet daughter Jessica turned 11 on the
5th she is growing up so fast and turning in to a young Lady!

She is having her skating party tomorrow and is excited!!
My friend is opening up a little boutique and she is going to sell some of my pieces in her shop! I'm so excited. I hope they will sell, she told me they are nicer than some of the stuff she already has so I'm hopeful!! I also got a job!! A really nice couple has bought a salon that is fairly new about 3 yrs old. It's just gorgeous! They are doing a 50/50 split deal and want it to be a profit sharing company which is also wonderful!! They are also open to suggestions and ideas from us girls who will be coming on board. She has some renters in there now that do not want to stay so they will be out at the end of Oct.
It sounds like it will be awesome! I will be able to make my own schedule which is great. I guess it's like I will be renting but without all the hassle of licenses, products, and insurance, which can be pricey! I don't have any clientele b/c the places that I have worked in the past don't allow you to keep client info so I will be building my clientele once again, which means I won't be bringing any money in for a while but I won't be putting out any money either so I don't have anything to lose!!
I haven't made anything new as far as jewelry goes I just don't have a lot of extra funds to invest in product, but soon I'm hoping.. I really want to start dabbling with my torch and solder!!
Later gators!


  1. Your daughter looks just like you! :) Happy birthday to her, and congrats on the boutique and the job!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW JOB!! What a blessing Sherice! I am beyond thrilled for you. Happy birthday to your little pricess :)

  3. Thanks gals! seems things are starting to look up around here. I'm excited about the boutique. I think she is buying the items outright and I will have some money to make more. I'm excited about the shop also.. I guess I'm just EXCITED!!!