Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dirt and Dogs!!!

Hope everyone's weekend was great!!

It's beautiful here and I'm hoping that summer is FINALLY here to stay!! probly not but a girl can dream! Today we got out into the yard. I weeded my flower bed and will continue to set my bricks and fence.

I really need to think hard about what I want to put here... I'm thinking maybe something that can climb the lattace in this area, and in the others maybe roses??? See my problem is that I kill everything, it's like a plants death sentence to come live at my house.. Every yr. I buy flowers and every yr. I kill them.. but I really want a nice yard with pretty flowers! So I will need to do my research and think about this for awhile.. If any of you greenthumbers out there have ideas let me know.. it gets a lot of afternoon sun!
While I did this my honey bunny and son cut back some branches, mowed, and weed wacked!!

corey is wrangling those branches! They were cut from the tree behind him, they start to grow over the fence onto the side walk and pretty soon your ducking to walk under the tree itself....

the dogs enjoyed there time also.. and played ball..Now when I say played ball I don't mean like we throw it and they retrieve it, which Marley will do and he brings it back to you everytime.. he will drop it and sit so patiently waiting for you to throw it again, then when you reach down to get the ball he will grab it and want to play tug of war, so you must give him the command... "leave it" and things well go smoothly.. Roxy is just to small (about 5 mos) to get the concept yet but we are working with her.. anyway back to my story.. so Marley is a crazy nut job and he LOVES any type of ball!!!!

Outside he plays soccer.. his soccer ball is destroyed so for now he is using our old slightly flat basketball... he will wrangle that ball all around the yard and back to you so that you may kick it again...the whole time barking at the ball like he's givin it the what for.... he does this over and over and over.. the dog is amazing.. you tell him to "get your ball" and he knows exactly what you want him to do.. then you tell him to "backup" and he does that and sits so patiently waiting for the ball to go flying so he may run hells bells after it and bring it back to you for more...

He is a fabulous dog.. we have had him since he was 5 mos old and he will be 3 in aug... I swear the dog knows english.. you tell him to do something and he does it, he has always been this way. Marley is our first Boston Terrier so I'm not sure if the breed is like that or if we just got lucky and he is great.. the best $350.00 we've EVER spent!!! He is our boy!! and has totally sold us on the breed, we will forever be Boston owners.. In fact we always said we wouldn't own any other breed.. That changed this winter when I saw Roxy sitting in an alley, shivering and looking lost and scared. She was only about 6 wks old when I found her so she really is our dog! That was a shock when I took her to the vets 2 wks later and she was huge, the vet says "oh she's just about 8 wks old, she hasn't dropped her 2 mos. teeth in front yet" YICKS!! that's how she got her nickname.. keep reading!
Then theres Roxy, gotta love her.. she is very smart and will be a great dog someday.. she is just a totally different breed! working breeds like her, need jobs, companion breeds like marley are just that, for your company only!! Everybody has nicknames for their animals and theirs are Roxy aka Miss Moose, she is huge! Marley aka Little Mister... and here they are.....
(I will get him playing ball on video sometime and try to post. It is hilarious, we always say we need to send it in to funny animal videos and we'd win some money)

they both came in after this and are crashed out as I'm typing this!!!
well this is my reward for today's hard labor in the yard, I love this wine! What do you reward yourself with when you deserve it??



  1. we also bought weed and feed for the yard. My DH is doing that tonight thank heavens, my grass looks horrible!!! I looked at the dogs pics and thought YUCK!!

  2. What cuties! I love dogs, and have 3 of them.
    I'm no help with the flowers, I kill them, too! :)

  3. I'm hoping the warm weather is finally here to stay's been a strange Spring. Ok, now if you don't have a green thumb and you kill just about all your plants, you are not going to want to plant roses along that lattace! Roses can be hard to care for and they see, to always get aphids, which kills the scratch roses! You could always plant a climbing vine like, morning glories, clematis (this will come back evey year), climbing hydrangea, sweet pea...I stick to stuff like that.

    Nice reward you got yourself there. :)

  4. thanks for the heads up on the roses I think Im going to plant clematis on each end to vine up the lattace and the posts on our porch.. in between I don't know.. I can change my ways.. Im determined to not kill another plant, I just need to rememeber to water and care for them.. I'm on a mission!!!

  5. I don't have much of a green thumb either. I buy good soil, miracle grow food, and plant my flowers in pots on my deck.
    I heard morning glories are pretty easy to grow ~ I may give them a shot this year, and see if I can get them to climb the side wall/rail.

    Good luck!