Monday, May 4, 2009


Hey, hey,

first off I must say how thankful I am that my husband has a job and is bringing in an income. there are so many people that have been uprooted by the economy. My sister and her family have been having an extremely hard time. I won't go into details because it's not my place but they are really struggling. I feel really helpless, I want to help her but there's really nothing I can do but just be there for her and love her unconditionally.

I'm looking forward to taekwondo class..I haven't been there since sparring class on thurs, there was no class on sat due to Bl.Belt testing, which My friend did great! But I must say that little green guy named envy did rear his ugly head!! I have been doing TKD for 6 yrs, and if I did not take my "breaks"I would have been a second degree black belt by now! without breaks you can get your bl.belt within 3 yrs. You see it goes a little like

there are 14 color belts that you go through and then you get a first degree bl.belt, then there are 6 levels you go through, testing for each level every 6 mos, you get a level patch that you put on your dobak (uniform) for each level. when you have all 6 patches your next belt will be a 2nd degree bl.belt a nice new black belt with your name in english and korean with 2 gold stripes on it!! The 1st dan is the same but has 1 gold stripe or no stripe depending on the school. The testing goes like this up to 9th dan which is a grandmaster title, at 4th dan you get a master title, after 3rd dan the requirements my vary slightly but that is pretty much how the system goes!! Each school is different we have high belts like high blue, high purple etc.... At my school but some schools only go to red belt and then to black, and I do WTF (world taekwondo federation) which is the same TKD they do in the Olympics!

There are lots of different federations with there own requirements. so now you no what I mean when I say that TKD is a way of life and after 6 yrs it is a part of me. My son and I are red/black belt now and will be getting our Bodan belt in Aug, that is the belt before black and it is a mandatory 6 month belt, after the 6 mos. We will be eligable to start bl.belt training classes, and then testing!! I'm starting to realize that I have a ton of preparation to do, not that I didn't no this before but it is starting to become a reality.

I'm really hoping to get my computer back tomarrow, but I won't know until tomarrow, after I pay some bills. Sorry no pics recently but it's hard to get to my moms to load them. I'm excited about getting my comp back and it will be virus free!!! Yahoo!! Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully tomarrow I will be blogging on my comp instead of my bl.berry and I will be able to leave comments on ALL my favorite blogs! :)

Okay now that I have really bored you with all my martial art talk I will leave you!



  1. Sorry to hear your sister and her family are having a tough time right now. It's hard sitting back and not being able to help those you love in this sort of situation, but emotional support is also very important and I'm sure she's happy she can turn to you for that.

    Hope all works out for you and you get your computer back. :)

  2. Ugh that is so tough to see loved ones without! (or anyone) I'm sorry and I hope they find something soon!
    Very impressive about the TKD!
    A few years ago I was at an outdoor wine festival, I was the designated driver. By the time we went to leave a very very drunk young lady (not in our party) was rambling on and on, drunk as a skunk about how this other girl should not have said such-and-such to her. I just stood there by the car waiting to leave. She rolled over the car and slurred,
    "Yeah, AND I TOLD HER I KNOW TIRA MISU!" omgosh, it was hilarious.