Friday, July 17, 2009

Been awhile

Hey Hey~
Hope all is well with my blogger friends.. I have been M.I.A. for a while it seems.. with the kids out of school and not much going on around home I haven't really had much to blog about.. I have been doing some work in my studio.. experimenting more like.. playing with my dremel and saw, getting the feel of working with the tools.
some etching.....

I really like the bee (on end) not sure what to do with her.. I would like to color her with some inks but still thinking on it.. these are the first etchings I've done... very raw.

These are my first totally finished etched pieces what do you think?? I'm not going to sell them I think I need more practice before I will feel okay with selling.. so for now I will either keep them or give them to my sister, I haven't decided...

I forgot I had some copper wire tucked away so I played around and made these and then oxidized them..I was playin around with the earwires and made them a bit different...

My sister really likes them so I think I will give them to her.. she has gotten quite a bit of my jewelry, she works in an office so it is great advertising.. this is her and her husband.

I don't think I ever posted what I did with my custom stamp!! What do you think? should I use a different color than the black? my earring cards and then the cards I put on my bracelets and necklaces............

These are the "thank you" cards I include with order along with a business card... I thought the handmade with love was a little bit more special than just a thankyou...

I picked up these cabs at a little hole in the wall local jeweler that I happened upon the other day... I don't know why I got them.. I'm a million miles away from learning to solder and bezel set.. but I really loved them.. I love cabs.. I don't know if it is because I know I will be using them someday, so I get them to have a little stash when the time does come, or if it's because I love the way they feel, so smooth and shiny.. I've become addicted I'm afraid..
I already have a beautiful Blue lace agate and a Crazy lace agate.. so now I have these to add to my collection...
the guy I bought these from said they were Sand Onxy... I really don't know much about stones and I'm just learning but I kinda thought they looked like Botswana agate... what do you guys think??

These are Red Jasper

This is a gorgeous piece of Blue Chalcedony.. I always pronounce this wrong... sounds nothing like how it is spelled.. anyway this will someday be used for a ring and I think I will set it this way also...

Last but not least my sleeping husband.. He most often has an afternoon nap when he gets home from work.. the guy gets up at 5:30 most mornings, he has earned his naptime by 3-4pm.. but this pic was so cute cause.. marley was at his feet and roxy at his head.. you can't really see them because they blend so well.. downfall of having bl. dogs...

Well that's what's happenin in my neck of the woods!
later peeps~


  1. Hi. I like the etched pieces you made. It is my first time for me to see something like that. Your custom stamp is pretty too.
    I think your sister is lucky to have you, because she has your handmade jewelry. That is special.

    When I take nap, I am like your husband. One is beside me, and the other one is around my feet. Well, we have two dogs!!

  2. I have never tried etching. Your pieces look terrific. I love the matched cab pairs you bought! I need more like that to make posts. My husband frequently falls asleep when he get's home from work as well. Have a great weekend Sherice!

  3. Hey Sherice! I love the etched pieces! And the stamp is awesome. I like the black ink. You'll love setting stones. It's addictive!

  4. Thanks girls for the sweet comments.. It's nice to see how other artists view my work~ have a great weekend everybody!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog...your post is great. Love the etching...I so want to try that. The stones are great and I love your stamp....very nice. I replied on my blog to your question about my flower necklace...thanks :-).

  6. I looorve the bee!!! And how did you get the coloring inside the leaf? Love the pieces you created. I've done etching at the away studio (classes) and it's so easy...never tried it at are a brave woman! Your hubby looks sooo comfy, and big! :P

  7. Sherice I love everything! Your etched pieces are lovely (I just made more the other day myself). Your business cards and thank you cards are so pretty and I'm drooling over those stones...can't wait to see what you do with them!

  8. Love the etching! I can't wait to try that someday...I have plenty of copper to play with, just waiting for the time ;)

    Careful with the stone buying (and ooo that chalcedony is lovely! that's one of my favorites!)...before you know it you'll be an addict!!! I had 3 stones delivered last week and 7 more that should get here between tomorrow and Thursday...oops.

  9. Thx girls.... I'm really enjoying the etching.. there are never ending possiblities! the stones are going to be an addiction for me I can already tell, I think they are for most people who make jewelry~

  10. Hey Sheri. It was good to talk with you today. Your jewelry is beautiful - very earthy, which I like. I live just five minutes from Shipwreck Beads - we should go if you come to visit.