Monday, July 27, 2009


I posted these .. I had a couple of productive hrs in my studio last night....
These are my favorite earrings I've made in a long time... I just love them.. I hope someone else will also.. I really need to get my shop out there, but it seems people aren't interested, I did check out a local farmers market yesterday that is every sun and I think they go all yr long.. but I do need to get things before I set up a booth anywhere.. ya know, tables, change box, jewelry display stuff, bags, an awning for shade.. yada yada.... I'm will be going back to work as soon as I find something, it's just getting to hard for my husband to carry the whole load by himself and now that our kids are older they can be alone for a couple hrs after school, so I will have some extra money to poor into this business... I know it will take time.. I just hope that all these other ladies that are making an income with their businesses, know how lucky they are..
I do think I will do well when I get out there, my stuff seems to be a little nicer than stuff I've seen, by that I just mean, precious gems and sterling.. nicely made.

Jessica left for camp till friday this morning... she went last yr and had so much fun.. I always wanted to go to camp and never could because my mom was a single parent and just couldn't afford it. well, we live in a very low income area and so the school that Jess attends sends out a no cost camp application yrly, so she gets to see her friends from school and it doesn't cost a thing... that's a benefit of living on the mainland.. when I grew up we lived on an island (friday harbor, san juan islands) so there aren't those benefits..
Summer is going by quickly and school will be starting Aug 27.. so early but I guess they are already planning for snow days..
It's another hot day and I think we are going to float the little spokane later...

that's all for now!



  1. I love all your new creations!

    Sorry about you having to find a job, it's not easy these days. You're not alone. My hubby has been hinting a lot about me finding a job in the fall...we shall see. This was his have more and more kids, when I told him we can't afford it, but he said "kids are cheap" ....yeah, like I was born yesterday to believe that. I like to find a job in the school system, so I can have the holidays off with them, the flexibility of sick days the kids will have and most important thing is I don't want to take their summers away, by sending them off to a sitter...this is upsetting me a great deal!

  2. I hear ya candace, I have thought about that also. It would be a nice way to work and to have the advantages of holidays and summers. I hope you figure it out.. I talked with my hubby and he doesn't mind if I rent a station as long as I stick to my hrs... so that can be a good thing cause then I will be my own boss, which is how I work best.. now if only I had a full clientele to keep me busy.. but it will come if I stick with it.. I know it will be slow going at first.

  3. Hello Sherice.
    Your new creations are beautiful! I like the first one (Lost in the Sea) the best!
    What is the name of the stones(green and white) at the last picture?
    I hope they will be gone soon from your shop.

  4. Hi Mai~ how are things? thanks for taking a peek.... Lost in the Sea are also my favorite.. I will make myself a pair. The last ones are Jade.. the "white" stones are actually a pretty pale yellow.. they are Yellow Jade and the green are African Jade.. They are unique and I like those a lot too and they were fun to make...

  5. Love the design of those last ones! Simple but unique, very nice.

    I also love your earring cards...I need to get something/make something like that for mine!

  6. thanks jessi~ I like the cards also.. I just ordered a stamp from etsy and started experimenting with what look I wanted.. it's fun.. but of course michaels has stopped caring the card stock I was using so I will have to find something similar.. I just like the looks of a more neutral card..

  7. Sherice, I hear ya on the job thing. I've been looking & still haven't found anything....fingers crossed for both of us. You do have a really nice earring card.
    As far as the show, I've never done a show before, but there's a post on Etsy under Techniques (I think) that has lots of ideas for displaying jewelry & a lot of them are inexpensive & things you can make yourself. I like those types of displays a little better too. Good Luck!!


  8. Thanks for the tips Pam.. and for checking out my blog!! have a good weekend~