Monday, September 7, 2009

Etsy sale and new listings!!

Hey all~
Hope your holiday weekend has been a good and safe one!
I had an Etsy sale this weekend, yippee me!!! It really perked up my day. I don't sale things that often, I have been on Etsy since Jan 09 and have had 6 sales.. so this is exciting!!!
I also listed about 10 new pieces.. I have had quite a collection going and just needed to find the time to photograph them and get them listed. I will also be making some updates and adding new photos in my shop this week.
Here are a few of the pieces I listed... to see them all, check out my shop!

This is my first etched necklace, I LOVE IT!!

I have been really enjoying working with copper.


  1. great pieces!! the necklace is really special, well done!

  2. Thanks for leaving a note for me! I love your things - I agree, etching copper is fun - and your necklace is great! (also love your music! - hooked on listening to Nina Simone right now!)