Friday, August 28, 2009

New Beads

Hey all~
How is everyone doing?

Well, here is back to school already and my kids had their first day yesterday. All went well.

Corey said High School is "awesome". He was crackin me up last night. I was listening to him in the kitchen on his phone talking to a friend that goes to a different school, telling him how awesome it was.. they get off campus lunches and there is a mcdonalds close to the school and they can listen to their ipods in the halls between classes. He doesn't even mind riding the bus.. this is the first yr for that. I have always been able to drive them to and from but this yr. he is going to a high school that is downtown. sounds scary I know but Lewis and Clark High School is one of the top rated in the state. when I was in high school you had your schedule and went about your day, well now at least in C's h/s, his classes are like college where you only have certain ones on certain days.. He is also in the Core Program.. it's a program to help freshman students transition into highschool successfully.. students who need a little extra help with math, homework skills are eligible for this program. lots of parent/teacher support and he will earn and extra credit for just being in the program. We are hoping for a successful yr. I asked him last night what his goals are for this yr and he replied "being more successful" so that's a good start!!

Jessica has had the same teacher for the last 3 yrs. so this yr she has a new teacher. She seems to really like her and her new classmates also.. Jessica is very good in school academically. I don't worry about her to much, it's more boys, clothes, and makeup that I will worry about.. I have a feeling.... :)

Jessica and I had a great time at my friend's in Olympia.. I wanted to take Jess to the capital building and didn't get a chance to so we will do that our next trip. It was great to see my friend Michelle, her nice hubby and kids.. they opened their home to us for a week. Her daughter and Jessica got along awesome not one argument!! so nice!!

I finally got some more wire and some new beads. we went to Shipwrecked beads. what a HUGE store!! So I'm hoping to get into my studio and make some new exciting pieces..I even came across a little bit of solder, so I might try to solder something.. I really need a third hand

though.... so well see..!! Jessica and Elexa!!

New Beads and book... the book has a lot of great info about crystals and stones. I would eventually like to incorporate the metaphysical properties into my descriptions.


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  1. I guess I should have said what the beads are.. Crazy Agate, Purple Aventurine, Botswana Agate, Rainbow Flourite.. which I LOVE, such a cool stone!!!!