Monday, December 27, 2010

Lost in thoughts!

Well Well..... here I am at last!
I've been lost in thoughts for sometime now, but I'm really going to try to be more present with this blog.

A little catch up if you don't mind. I worked at the Salon for about 6 mo,. Left in more debt than what I we
nt in with. Not enough clientele or enough money to advertise, and honestly the location was really poor. It was fun while it lasted. It was a good avenue for selling my jewelry. I sold quite a few pieces while I was there. I have been ordering and stockpiling for a few mos., so now it's time to get some new things made and listed. I'm also thinking I will break outta my comfort zone and try to do a show at some point, if I can ever hear of one before the weekend of. I just don't know how to access that info. any suggestions?

I have been working out at the gym and I'm loving my new found strength and motivation that it'
s bringing me. That's the place I like to De-stress myself. I would have reached my goal months ago but I just can't get a handle on my food. I have lost but I think I've toned more than anything. When I journal and measure I do great but let's remember I'm A.D.D. so that lasts for a few months then I fall off the journaling wagon and I'm back to my old habits, which aren't totally bad. My biggest problem is eating a lot of small meals a day which is what you really need to be doing to keep your metabolism active and working!!

I'm going back to school, starting on the 3rd of Jan. I'm excited but nervous. I have been thinking about going back for some time and finally decided it was meant to be, since I cannot find a job using my hair license. Besides I really don't enjoy it anyway. I'm going back to get my Bachelors in Science degree in Excersize Science, or so that's the plan at this point. I reall
y want to educate people on health but not sure if personal training is what I want to do. I just don't want to have a degree and then be back where I am now with my hair license... no insurance, no security for the future. See where I'm going with that. I'm thinking diet and nutrition might be calling me. I'm hoping with being educated about this it will help me with my own issues! Having that degree is like a stepping stone to other things! For now I'm getting started and we will see where it takes me.

I hope I haven't bored you all to death! But I feel some sort of a explanation is in order.

I hope all had a great christmas, we did! I have high hopes for this new year ahead. It's gonna be GREAT!!!

My Family!! Cheers!!


  1. Good for you, Sherice! I came very, very, close to doing exercise science but changed my mind at the last minute. I do still think all of that would be fascinating and I'm sure learning more about it would only make you more motivated. Think how great it would be to help other people make the same wonderful changes in their own lives!

    As far as a show goes, maybe check to see if there are any local Etsy groups? They could probably at least point you in the right direction as far as to where to find that info. Good luck!

  2. Thx Emily~ I knew you looked familiar, Pearl Everlasting! I love your creations, so beautiful. I'm still hoping to one day learn to silversmith!
    Cheers, Happy New Year!