Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"move along, move along like ya no ya do"

Hi! I love that song move along by All American Rejects! That's kinda how I'm feeling today! Things are finally starting to go smoother than they have in a while! Jessica got her cast off on monday, no physical activity for a month for her and she has some wrist excer. To do, otherwise her wrist healed nicely! 2 of the guys that ronnie has been working for the last 6 mos decided to go back to cali, so that's a blessing, he doesn't have to cut them loose after all. Taekwondo is great and I'm so glad I'm back in class. My friend is black belt testing on sat, so I have been giving her a helping hand. There is a ton of stuff she has to know!! She has asked me to hold for her if she needs to do a 3 station break. Meaning break 3 boards, one after the other doing 3 different techniques. She will do good, she doesn't think she's ready but if she wasn't sabumnim (master) wouldn't let her test! If everything goes according to plan corey and I will be black belt testing next april! Seems far away but there is a ton we have to know!! Anyway, we finally got ron's bond paid for his business which was a huge chunk, 900. And an additional, unexpected 600. OUCH!!! We've been struggling to get caught up from when he had no work for 3 wks a couple months back, between that and bills and the bond, talk about stress city! So now with it paid for another year, we feel a lot less stressed and work is going well. Ya no that's how it is in the contracting business, feast or famine. A lot of the time we can get caught up with one good paycheck or job, which seems to be what is happening now. So my new motto is.. I won't make myself sick stressing because things always seem to work out no matter how much I stress about them! and if your wondering why I don't work?? Well, when I was working I worked 4 days a week and brought in about 500.A month and being a wife and mother I still had all the responsibilities that go along with those titles, so for me, it much easier to just be home! My mom watches my kids when I work and her health is just to poor now to do it. Our kids are 14 and 10 and so many people think"well there old enough to be alone" my feelings on this are that now is just as important as when they were "little" with peer pressure, sex,internet and everything else our youth faces today it is so important to be an active part and role model in there lives!! My nephew had a fellow teammate that just committed suicide!! 16 yrs old! Horrible! I'm so thankful that we are managing and that I can stay home with my kids. They grow so fast as it is and I enjoy the time we have together! I'm very lucky!! So hopefully my jewelry business will start to take off at any moment and I can earn a little extra cash!! Hahaha. Hopefully I will be getting some needed tools soon so that I can start learning to silversmith!! I hope all is well for everyone out there! Peace out!!


  1. I'm so glad things are looking up and going well! It's awful to worry about money and bills. Too much stress!!! I'm so thankful that my husband has a good job, and my business is doing better than I ever expected. I hope yours takes off and you're so busy you can't keep up! :)

  2. Thanks tammy, I hope for the best as well.