Monday, August 17, 2009

New Pretties!!

Hey out there!!
here are a few new things I've been working on. I still have some pieces to photograph and put in my shop... but these are the newest items!!
These are a cute pair of copper, amethyst spirals and a pair of amethyst and star earrings.. these would match my "Straight on till morning" necklace,

These are fun, I noticed that the dangles are a bit longer on one so maybe I will mix em up a bit..

simple and casual

This is a pr. that I'm not quite finished with.. I really think they are going to be nice, but my flame and copper haven't been cooperating lately, so I'm just takin a break from these!

These are new etched pendants

This is something that I was just making to see how it would turn out, and I REALLY like it.. maybe a bit thinner would be better but for a first ring ever I think it's pretty nice.. I hammered it for some detail. I'm not soldering yet so it overlaps slightly. I wouldn't sell this yet probly because it is something new I haven't done before, but I will seal it with something (any
suggestions??) and keep it for myself, I like it as a thumb ring!!

My daughter and I are leaving Weds. morning to go on a little road trip to see my friend in Olympia!! We are excited! I haven't seen my friend in way to long and I'm looking forward to catching up with her.
see ya!!


  1. Hello Sherice. Wow you made many!! They are cute. Especially I like the ones in the third picture.

    Have fun at Olympia. I love Olympia. You would love Shipwreck Beads shop there. It is a huge bead shop I have ever seen.

  2. Great new pieces Sherice! I love the thumb ring...very cool. Maybe you could add one silver rivet to it, to make sure it doesn't come apart, if you're not going to solder it....that would look nice! Oh and lovely etched pendants....beautiful. :)

  3. Hi Sherice - I use renaissance wax to seal my copper and brass, works like a charm!

  4. Hi Jaime~ I have heard of the renaissance wax, will get some thanks!
    Hi Candace~ A rivet brilliant Idea, why didn't I think of it.. I will do some research in my metalsmith book (Tim McCreight) If I have questions I will be calling upon your skills :)!
    Hi Mai~ My friend and I are planning a trip to Shipwrecked beads, everyone keeps telling me it's great!!
    Thanks for all the great tips!! I love networking and everyone has been so helpful with my questions!

  5. Copper is so great-definitely underutilized! What are you using for the etching? Your pieces look great and I've always wanted to do this but the chemicals sort of freak me out.

  6. Hi Emily! Thanks for checking out my blog! I am using Ferric chloride for my etching solution. It isn't to bad. Etching is easy and fun, give it a try!! :)

  7. A rivet is a great idea! I don't seal my copper, but I do sometimes paint the inside of rings with clear nail polish. That way, a customer can reapply it as needed. I just polish the outside with very fine steel wool when it needs it. You go girl!