Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Road trip with my sis!!

I had an awesome weekend with my sister.. we took a roadtrip to Friday Harbor and had a GREEEAT weekend..

My best girls... Tara and Stacey! I have know these girls for 25 yrs!!
Awesome to still be so close!!

Great times, Great memories


  1. I think having a sister would be great. I was saddled with 3 brothers. Looks like a wonderful time Sherice!

  2. Hi Lisa~
    I always wanted a sister also, even though I had one. We are 5 yrs apart and we were never close until about 2-3 yrs ago, now she is my bestfriend! I always wanted a brother though too.
    I really love the new stuff your making, I'm job hunting and as soon as I find one I will be testing out the soldering waters! LOL wish me luck!