Monday, April 6, 2009

Sundays and Brownies

Hey all! Not a lot going on here, yesterday was gorgeous and seems today will be also. Took the opportunity yesterday to get out in the yard and do some cleaning up, which means dog poo duty! After a long winter of no one cleaning up, it was a stinky job! So rubber gloves and shovel in hand I tackled it. Feels great to know our yard is clean and the dogs like it also, they have been doing some sun bathing, if I was on my comp I would post some pics of them! This weekend I took some time to read back blog posts of some of the blogs I follow, and found some new blogs also!! Contrariwise ramblings is a great blog, it is really interesting hearing about all the great places she's traveled to and about her other adventures in life and jewelry. I really lean more towards blogs that are filled with everyday life as well as jewelry. Tammy's treasure chest is another blog I read and she seems like such a great person. I also read past blogs on candace who I really like,I'm so glad she has combined her 2 blogs!! and lisa.. What can I say about lisa, she is my favorite! There is just something about her blogs and jewelry that really takes hold of me?? Sounds weird I know but she is just so funny and seems very "true" and I love her sweet little house out in the woods!(I would love to live in the woods and have privacy!) her tutorials and her video blogs, our kids are about the same age and my son suffers from A.D.H.D and was diagnosed with tourettes when he was younger, but I think the tourettes was a missdiagnoses, he doesn't take meds anymore and the symptoms I guess I really just admire lisa and her strength to change her life and make the best of what she's been given, which is what I need to do as well!! So a little secret for my blogging friends... I quit smoking almost 6 yrs ago this May... But this past couple of yrs I started smoking cloves.. It all happened on a 5 day trip to vegas, damn vegas!!! So I quit then I will get stressed and start again thinking it's better to smoke cloves than a "real" cig, which I know its not! So this last stint has been since august and I have really been wanting to quit but it seems that I always try when I'm totally stressed so what's the point right?? Well I realized that part of my funk lately has been that, just feeling down on myself for doing it and then I get headaches from it also!! I'm feeling the effects of it. So I have quit!!! I'm a cold turkey kinda girl I just feel like get it over with ya know!? And today I'm going back to the dojang! (Taekwondo school) also part of my funk, feeling like I need to lose some weight, I just feel like I'm worthless sitting around daily, not working, not excersizing, feeling stressed out!! The sunshine really does help to have a clear prospective on things. I haven't been making anything new lately, I'm out of quite a few things and just don't have the money right now to restock!! Soon though!! My husbands bond for work came due this month and instead of the regular 900.00 they also wanted an additional 600.00 due to the economy!! WHAT?? You would think they would give us self employed folks a break due to the economy! So hopefully next month I will be restocking and getting a tumbler. Going to get a lortone(?) I've heard good things about them. I know you can find tumblers cheaper at Harbor Frieght but my DH says not to buy stuff like that there, there is a reason they are cheaper. We had brownies for dessert last night, I needed a chocolate fix after the yard cleanup!! Sorry my post was so long today, hopefully I haven't bored you all to death! I guess I really needed to get it out!! One last thing, being a martial artist, of course I love the W.E.C.(World extreme cagefighting) and the U.F.C., I was really sad to hear about the death of Mask, the founder of Tapout. He died in a car crash march 11th. Sounds like he Might have been racing?? Anyway, just wanted to put that out there for all the other Tapout fans like me! Hope every one has a fabulous day!!


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment! I'll have to read Lisa's blog. She sounds great!
    I like to read long posts about personal stuff. It helps me feel like I know you better.
    I know all about smoking! I've tried to quit so many times, and failed miserably. It's time to try again. Not only are they horribly expensive now, they are awful for me!
    I hope you get your supplies soon. It's terrible to not be able to create! Hang in there!
    (Love your music!)

  2. Hi tammy! yes I'm in agony that I haven't been able to get supplies and I really want to get moving on learning to silversmith!! Lisa seems wonderful, she sent me her used hand held torch for free!! What a doll and has answered so many of my questions! She really is lovely!glad I didn't bore you with my ramblings! I really loved reading your blog posts and seeing the evolution of then to now! Have a great day! :)