Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Im torn up!!!

Hey Hey!!!! How is everyone?? Good I'm hoping! Taekwondo is going good, getting back in the groove, but man I'm soooooo sore!! After class last night my hip was achin!! Really wish our hottub was in working order. So my mom lives about 15 mins away from me and she got pounded with 6 in of snow! W0W!! Thank god its green at my house! Also wanted to comment on some of the blogs that won't let me leave comments, soon I will have my computer back, its almost finished but can't afford to get it back till end of the month! Hey Lisa..... I love the new tools, those letter stamps are so neat, tammy has the same ones and I saw them on her blog and want some for myself when I start doing that, as of now everythings on hold due to finances...my first purchase will be a tumbler I need one now!! Then I will start gathering to start (trying) to silversmithing, I want to make lovlies like you and can only hope that in a few yrs I can look back and be as successful! My fingers are crossed :) that spiro whatever drink mix, can I get that at GNC or somewhere else? Need a good shake for morning, not much of an eater in the am I drink instant breakfast a lot but not good for trying to lose weight! Tammy.... Love the rings you just did, the custom order.when I start setting stones and get good at it I want to use sea glass!! I just think it is beautiful, I grew up on an island so I think that's why I love the idea of it so much, a little bit of home I can carry with me! I'm sure you will be glad to see your DH soon! A month is a long time! Mine will be gone for the wk next wk! I'm dreading it, but when he is gone for a period of time I get used to it, he has been home for a long time, but gotta go where the work is right!!! Candace.....I miss your blogging, you must have a lot going on, I hope all is well with your dad and that he is healing fast! :) Can't wait to get the camera back, I need to pick it up! I feel like my life has been on hold for the last couple months, but things are slowly getting better, my DH finally realized he can't make the kind of money he needs to with 4 guys on his crew, so thankfully when this job he is on now is done he is cutting 2 loose!! That will help out a great deal!! For now I will just keep trying to be patient! Take care all and talk to ya later!!


  1. Hi Sherice! You can purchase the spiru-tein at any health food store. I am not sure in GNC has it. Whole foods will. It's YUMMY and incredibly heathy.

  2. Thank you Sherice! You are going to love smithing. It is sooo awesome! And you get to buy some many tools! :)