Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pictures FINALLY!!!!

well how is everyone?

I finally got the camera back!! yahoo!!! here are some pics of what ive done since it broke.. I will be listing these in my shop probly tomarrow, since im here at my moms and will have to come back tomarrow to list them. I don't have the time tonight!!

well that's it for now!! what do ya"ll think?? trying to be more creative with my pictures. I also went outside and took a few..
talk to ya later!!


  1. OHHH! I love them all, especially the 3 pearl ones!

  2. Hello Sherice. You got your camera back!! I bet you are excited to taking pictures again.
    I like the necklace the best. It looks very pretty.

  3. THe triple pearl earrings and necklace are my favorite!!! I am so glad you have a camera again. Now for that computer.....

  4. the first pair of earrings, the blue wrapped ones are awesome!!!

  5. Hey girl! Sorry I've been so quiet.

    I love that first pair and the necklace is so sweet.