Monday, April 13, 2009

camera's fixed!!!

Hey, I hope everyone had a great Easter. Ours was low key and quiet. My mom called today and said Best Buy called her and her camera was in and they did fix it, when she took it in they said that it being dropped wasn't covered by the insurance she had on it,( she had told them it had been dropped) but they said they would send it out anyway and if the repair place couldn't prove it had been dropped they would fix it. So I guess honesty does pay..yes now my kids get what we've been telling them lol!yahoo!! I will have pics again soon people!!! I'm so glad I was feeling like my blog was super BORING!!! Which it was, I really love to see pics on peoples blogs. I have about 10 new pieces to list on etsy also. The lastest is a really pretty choker with garnets and hemitite heart accents on top by the clasp! It's very delicate and is only 8 1/2 in. For those ladies that like em short. Not sure what I should charge? Thinking just my time at 10.00 an hour would be 30. Everything is hand linked!! I'm still really struggling with my pricing! I feel like I want to charge more, but I have so much self doubt and want to be able to have a good reason for my pricing if someone asks "why is it this price?" I've seen stuff similiar to mine or the same techniques and the price is double mine, I guess maybe I feel like because I haven't been making jewelry very long I don't have the "right" to charge a lot or what some people charge for a similiar item, I know that doesn't make sense but that is where the self doubt comes in. Ahhhhh *big sigh* enough about my inadequete feelings!!!!! Hopefully my computer will be fixed soon also, it has been 2 wks and I haven't heard anything yet, they said it would be about 2 1/2 wks when I took it in.I was really bummed I couldn't enter lisas drawing, her blog won't let me leave comments from my bl.berry! *sniffle,sniffle* or watch videos, I knew I should have gotten an Iphone!! Dbl dang!! Who ever won will really enjoy wearing it and showing it off I'm sure! Well not a lot going on here so enough boring stuff! I hope everyone has an awesome day! later!!


  1. YAY for the camera! And honesty.
    Your blog is not boring. I like to learn more about people lives, not just what they make! Helps me feel like I know you better.
    I hope your computer is fixed soon. I would be a basket case without mine! LOL

  2. Good news with the Camera! I have a blackberry aswell, but don't use it for surfing the web... I sometimes wish I had waited for the iphone too.
    Ah well what can ya do?

  3. Hey girls! I would be lost w/out my bl.berry this past 2 wks,its been my life line to my emails and some other simple things like blogging! Some blogs will let me post comments and some won't not sure what is different but can't wait to get my comp.back,so I haven't been ignoring those of you that I used to leave comments on! but unfortunatly I won't have comp. back till end of the month, my DH's bond (for business) has really put a crimp in our style this month!!