Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today I officially have a high schooler.. WOW that just blows my mind.. It seems like yesterday that my son was playing with his dump trucks and still wanting to be rocked... passing the days away watching Pooh Bear.. *sighing* I really do miss those days.. and my daughter is also growing to fast.. she is only 10 and acts like she is 16 (when she can get away with it that is) it seems that now days kids aren't kids anymore... she does still do kid things, like roller skating and riding her bike but she is worried about her hair or how she looks.. jeez when I was 10 I was riding horses and bmx bikes not doing my hair and worrying about what I should wear to school.. I don't think I have ever worried about that stuff.. it's just not me.

Corey's 8th grade graduation was bitter sweet.. he realized that he really didn't want the school yr to end.. he will miss some of his friends that will be going to a different high school than he is next yr.. I never had to worry about such things.. where I grew up there is one elementary school, one jr high and one high school but we are talking about an island.
He was a bit emotional, which I think is normal, it's a hard age being 14.. he has a lot of changes coming his way.. I'm just glad that he and I have a wonderful, open relationship and he can express himself and not feel that it's wrong to be in touch with his emotions.. we are a very open family and talk about pretty much everything.. We have one rule in our house and that is .... NO SECRETS!!!! beyond the normal healthy things kids keep to themselves, but mostly between mom and dad.. we went through a very tough time about 9 yrs ago and worked through it and healed, and moved on and vowed then that we would never keep secrets between us or our children.. sometimes the hardest things will make you the strongest.. wow that was a bit off topic.. so back to grad.... here is a pic..

We finally got his room moved to the downstairs bedroom.. and cleaned. Oh what a mess it was.. I'm surprised I didn't find a slimy science experiment in there.. I'm cleaning the carpets tomarrow and getting Jessica moved in, and then I will FINALLY have my jewelry studio.. her old room is perfect.. a ceiling fan, window and built in shelving.. It could be a bit bigger but I can wait 4 more yrs tell corey goes to college and she can be downstairs. Then I can take over the bigger bedroom and have the little one for my library.. see I have it all worked out! LOL

anyway I'm so excited to have my own area soon. This is my work area as of now.....

My kitchen table.. I don't think this table has ever seen a meal.. now that it will be cleared up soon we will try to have sunday night dinner as a "family" .. we don't really eat together much and if we do it is at the coffee table in front of the t.v. I remember eating together when I was a kid and it's nice.. that's the time when you shut off the t.v. and talk about your day and connect with each other..

I got my stuff for doing some metal etching.. I'm super excited and scared at the same time... I have ventured into a whole new realm of things that I no nothing about but I will figure things out..
that's about it
till next time~


  1. I went through the 8th grade graduation last year. It is amazing how fast times goes by. Congratulations on your new studio! Be sure to take pictures when it is finished!!

  2. Hi Lisa~
    I certainly will take some pics when I'm finished. :)

  3. Just wait til high school graduation. My youngest graduated this year and he's going to college and it's killing me! LOL I never thought I'd react that way. I had to leave him at college for 3 days for orientation, and it was horrible! I can't seem to let go and that's not me!
    Sounds like we could be sisters. My brother told me once that I was the only girl he knew that didn't care what her hair looked like! :) i was into horse riding and motorcycles and didn't have time for beauty.

  4. yep I totally hear ya.. I think it was partly where I grew up also, just very laid back..Island life!! I'm 100% Tomboy still.. That's why I love martial arts.. if a guy can do it so can I!! That's why it was weird when I wanted to go to cosmetology school.. but I think it's more of an artistic expresstion...I just don't fit in with that typical girly stylist!!

  5. Wow, your son will be a high school student!! I believe he got one step forward to the adulthood.

    When I was reading your blog, I could not help feeling "What a wonderful and open family you have!!" That is the true treasure, Sherice.
    You are lucky to have one.

  6. Congrats too your son...high school will fly by.

    Hey, I picked up some etchant solution today at Radio Shack to try it out also...I have some copper laying around and thought, what the heck...sounds like fun!. :)

    Glad to hear you are getting your own space...yay!

  7. Thanks Mai, I'm very lucky to have the family I do... I love them a lot!

    candace.. can't wait to see what you make.. I saw an etsy shop that did some copper etching and then painted them with alcohol inks really oool!! so I got some to try it out.