Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Brunch

Hey There~

I love Sheri's Benedict~

This is how we had our eggs benedict when I was growing up....
and I still make it the same way now for my family~

I use bacon instead of candian bacon, and the sauce is a cheese sauce instead of a benedict sauce... so, so yummy!!

I follow the basic recipe in my trusty old Betty Crocker cookbook for a white sauce and then I add cheddar, and pepperjack.. which adds a little kick, pepper, mustard powder, some chx bullion powder and basil.. GOOD FOOD!!!

I should be getting my custom stamp in the mail anyday!! This is what it will look like. what do you think?? It's 2" x 2".. this being my first stamp, I'm hoping it won't be to small.
I ordered my lovely stamp from a seller on etsy.., she was really nice and helpful with all my questions.. I'm sure I will find a need for another stamp and will certainly do business with her again.
I spent some time this weekend contemplating how I want to do my jewelry cards.. I think I have it figured out.. so as soon as I get the stamp in my grubby hands I will post some pics of what I came up with.
This has been bugging me all day long so I need to just vent about it..... My daughter had a friend sleep over last night, and I have meet her mom a couple times at school functions and Jess went to this girls b-day slumber party, to make a long story short.. when I tucked the girls in my daughter's Ipod nano was in the docking station.. when they woke up in the morning, Jess came up to my room and woke me up, asking if I had taken her Ipod, it wasn't in the docking station.. we have searched hi and low,, asked the girl to look for it in her belongings just in case it had gotten mixed in with her things some how.. Nope not there.. It couldn't have grown legs and wondered off. I know it was there when I turned off the light because I remember thinking that I should let them listen to music, then thinking better of it.. goodnight girls.. morning it's gone.. I feel really horrible thinking little fingers took it but when my husband and I both have torn our daughters room apart looking and it's NO WHERE to be found.. what should I think... and when I call the girl and ask her to look in her things again just in case, and she says she doesn't have it, I guess I just have to take her word.... I'm so irritated that Ipod was $150. and jessica's main christmas gift this yr.. I don't have that kind of money laying around to replace it... I really want to think that this girl didn't take it but I have searched all day long for this damn thing and It's totally MIA! What would you think??
well I hope everyone has a good week!
I'm out!!


  1. Now I'm hungry! Looks yummy!
    I got my stamp from terbearco too, and it's awesome. Took a while to get it though.
    I'm so sorry about your daughter's Ipod. That sucks!:( I would feel the same way about it. I've had thigs disappear when my boys had friends over. You feel bad about thinking they took it, but what else can you think?
    you'll probably love your new Dremel. That's all I used for over a year, but I didn't have the flexshaft attachment and mine's so old it only hs one speed! LOL I've had it for 15 years and it still works perfectly.