Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The work begins

Yesterday started off the new schedule for the dojang... backtracking.... about 6 mos ago our dojang expanded once again and opened a third school here in spokane.. we transfered to this school for numerous reasons I won't bore you with.. so at first there aren't many students so the belt levels don't really need to be split.. well now the time has come.. so there is low belt class and high belt class. It was great to go to class last night and not have a packed room and to get help and do more advanced techniques.. like using both our nunchucks again.., focus pads and just have more discipline that comes with high belts.. when you first start out your learning all this stuff and the hammer really isn't put down so much..

We usually get to class about 1/2 hr before it starts, so last night Mr. Justin, our instructor asked corey to get changed and help out with class... that frees him up to talk with parents of new students and such..... because Corey and I are always in class together I don't have many "in class pics" so I took this as a photo opp...here are a couple pics of Corey helpin out the white

If you follow my blog you know that I often post about our TKD experiences and I cannot say enough good things about what it has done for my son and I... It really is a way of life that we have chosen to live... When Corey gets his Black belt which will be in April, he doesn't have to continue.. when we started this journey 6 yrs ago he had no choice.. it was something that I thought would benefit him and we enrolled.. so I have told him once he gets his Bl. Belt he doesn't have to continue, I will, but I won't go back on my word to him.. I'm hoping by then he will want to continue doing it.. he really enjoys it when we are there. He is just not athletic and would rather be home on the computer or texting.. okay he's lazy :)
I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

Then I realized last night that my daughter is usually with us reading or watching class, so I'm thinking maybe she can take a few pics of us now and again in class.. It is also a good way to see if we are doing correct stances and what we look like.. a good critquing method..

I did post a couple of new earrings.....and bought a few blocks of advertising on http://www.foundhandmade.com/ if you haven't heard of this site, check it out.. very reasonable fees and they are usually running specials to earn free blocks of advertising.. you scroll across an image and the image pops up and has a little bio on the right side of the screen, if you click the image it sends them to your etsy shop or where ever you have linked to the image.. so easy and I'm hoping I will get some sales from it!!

these are the newest additions to my shop....

What do you think?? Are the pictures okay?
till next time


  1. Hello Sherice. They are nice pictures of Corey helping the class. If he enjoys the classes, he may continue even after he gets the black belt. Continueing one thing is very beneficial for his life.

    I love the purple stone's earrings. They are beautiful.

  2. Hi Mai!
    how is Japan? looks like your having a great time. I'm hoping corey will continue also, I asked him today "if he is going to get a black belt and never wear it?" That got him thinking.. "all the hard work the past 6yrs which will be almost 7 when we bl belt test and you aren't even gonna wear your belt." I'm trying some reverse psychology on him.. hoping it works. The purple earrings are Amethyst and Blue Chalcedony.. they are pretty.

  3. I think you're doing a great thing with your son! Maybe he'll continue when the time comes.
    Love the earrings!