Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Tools!! YIPPEEEEEEE~~~~~~

I bought these today.......

I bought the vise at Harbor Frieght, It swivels and moves!! and I bought the tumbler from Santa Fe.. It was the cheapest place.. $60. I looked at the tumblers they had a Harbor Frieght and just went with my gut, which told me to get the better one... I didn't like the looks of the display tumbler they had out.. but I think the vise will do fine..

We test tomarrow for our Bo-Dan belts.. It will be nice to get a new belt but now we really have to start training... our next belt is black and we will test in April.. seems like a long way off but not when you have so much to refresh and memorize!! Wish us luck.. here are a few photos of us practicing our Poomse (poom-say, which is kind of like a fight on all four sides of you) tonight in class.

I Got my custom stamp last week, but I really haven't had the time to play with it yet.. I finished switching the rooms around and got my table moved in to my "new" studio space yesterday.. here it is .. I have some space and not much to go in it yet, but I'm Sure before long it will be full!

Lots of shelving, thinking I will paint it a nice light green?? Not sure yet. I will put up a corkboard in front of my table to put design ideas and inspiration...
Oh and I also got this last wk also, like I said haven't had anytime for jewelry lately, but I will soon...

This came with a flex shaft attachment.. I will upgrade to the "real deal" when I have more exp. under my belt..


  1. That's a lot of nice new tools! :-) I love that vise, is it the one that pivots too? (nice space!)

  2. How exciting Sherice!!! I started with a dremel, it really is terrific. I have a cheapo harbor freight tumbler :) Enjoy your new space!

  3. First let me wish you good luck on your test for the Bo-Dan belt....you'll do great!

    Yay...new tools! You're really moving along. Soon your space will be filled with all sorts of goodies. I love my swivel vice, it really makes things a lot easier at times. I bought my tumbler at harbor freight and yes, the display didn't look so hot, but I didn't want to invest to much at the time in one, just incase the jewelry making didn't go well for me, but I never once had a problem with my tumbler...in fact I should grease the gears again, since I have only ever done that once in the last two years. I still use a dremel, but really would love to upgrade to a flex shaft...I didn't know they had dremels that came with that option.

  4. YAY! New tools and a new belt! Soon, you'll have more tools than you know what to with. I do, cause I have a tool addiction! LOL The Dremel flexshaft is probably just as good as a Foredom. They do the same things.
    Your space looks like it's coming along great! You have so much storage, I'm jealous!

  5. Oooooooooooohh, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh
    I always love seeing new tools :)
    These are great and SOoo useful
    If you have too many, send some to me please :)

  6. I love buying new tools, but it's rare that I ever get to because I can't stop buying stones...

    I just started using my new flex shaft & have to get my "big" torch filled. It's so exciting to expand...you'll be smithing before you know it :)

  7. Very exciting. I am a tool addict so figure you can never have too many. Be sure to oil the belt on the tumbler once a year or so. It is a wonderful tumbler. I'm glad I read this post because I was on the verge of ordering the Foredom SR20 flexshaft. I'm now wondering if I should - oh dear, more decisions to make....does it ever end??? Have a nice day and enjoy the tools. Good luck with the belt as well. Sally

  8. Thanks everyone!!!
    trying to stay focused for my test tonight.. outside of having to know my poomse and sabong chuck, we also have to spar and do a 2 station break, 1 hand tech and 1 foot tech.. I will do okay if I can control my nerves.. I'm excited to use my new tools, I just need to find the time!

  9. OH Care~ yes I think the vise swivels and rotates.. was about $15 at harbor frieght..

  10. bear affair if you get the flexshaft attachment make sure it's going to fit the dremel you have.. only fits certain models.. the set up I got was about $100.