Monday, June 8, 2009

Random act of Kindness

Hey everybody!!

I hope everyone's weekend was good~
Tammy from Tammys treasure chest has bestowed upon me a Random act of Kindness!! I was so excited when the mail came today and I had a lovely pkg waiting for me..... This is what was in the pkg!!

Isn't it beautiful.. I really love it!! Thanks so much Tammy!
This weekend I gave my daughter bangs.. she has been bugging me to give her bangs for about a yr and I keep saying no.. she has this wicked coulik,(sp) and her hair naturally parts in the middle because of it.. well now that she is 10 going on 30 hehehe she has started to part in more to the side... so I gave her the bangs...

My little girl is growing up!!!

That's all folks!!


  1. Good job Mom, she looks beautiful!

  2. Aww....she looks so sweet. :)

    Tammy's ring looks beautiful on you lovely hand. I'm thrilled you passed the Random act of Kindness to me (I feel so special and loved}
    So-o-o-o excited and waiting for my little surprise!! :) I can't wait to pass it onto someone else. I will surely be showing off my goodie from you. :) Hugs!

  3. I'm so glad the Random Act of Kindness is still going! We need more kindness in the world.
    Your daughter is adorable! I recently cut me some bangs, too. I got tired of seeing my WHOLE face everytime I looked in the mirror. It was too much! :)

  4. Sherice - can I just tell you that you are an incredible positive and bright light to me? You are! I love reading the comments you leave on my blog, I know they are always going to be relevant and positive. ((hugs)) and thanks!

    Your daughter is ADORABLE, very pretty and I LOVE the sideswept bangs - good job guys!

  5. Can you say Mini Me. She looks so much like you! The bangs are adorable.