Tuesday, March 24, 2009

April showers bring May flowers!!

I'm sitting here on a rainy spring day thinking about how the rain washes away the old and dirty.. and renews us, and listening to my blog playlist.. lots of different music. Not alot to report.. I made 3 really nice prs of earrings yesterday.. Im tempted to try to take some photos with my blackberry.... and I have a few new ideas going round in my head.. I need to sketch them out.. maybe I will do that today. Boy, Im going to have a huge bill when I can finally do some ordering.. Im running out of EVERYTHING, need some wire, jumprings.. I just can't make them as nice as I can buy them.. I have tried.. I even have one of those little jumpring makers... maybe I just need more practice. practice makes perfect... haha.

I watched Twilight last night.. my daughter really liked it.. I didn't think it was horrible but I was disappointed.. first... books will always be better with the exception of Pratical Magic, I liked the movie better than the book..... These are my thoughts on the movie and only my thoughts....needed to be longer.. I felt like there wasn't really a firm story line..one minute your here then there.... the special effects were a total let down.. I was expecting him to "glow" in the sun.. not look like they put a little sparkly paint on him... I'm not really into the girl that plays bella.. her attitude on screen seems so different from the book.... and maybe I'm losing it but for some reason I thought edward had an accent..maybe in Real life he does and the rain is seeping into my brain giving me brain rot...lol.. anyway those are my thoughts and Im sure there are people who disagree.. The movie left me feeling like I wanted to go and reread the book again cause they left out stuff..

Well I hope you all will bear with me until I can get a new camera.. I feel like my blog is soooooooo boring and really missing something.. so please bear with me and I will have pics up again soon!!

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  1. I agree Sherice! The movie was a disappointed. I felt like it was jumping around too...missing so much in between. I had to ask my hubby if he could follow it...he said he didn't have a problem. I guess it was just because I knew how much was missing. Also it didn't give you the full depth of Edwards and Bella's connection to each other. Still I'm happy I saw it...maybe the next movie will be better.

  2. well candace we always have the books right! I agree about the connection between bella and edward also..