Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hi all,

well today I'm not feeling that much better, but trying to think positive...
I just have that feeling like everything is going along smoothly, and then you've been rearended by a mack truck!! Everything happens all at once...So I made some yummy healthy rustic raspberry and blueberry crustada!

before...... after

Jessica and her broken arm.... getting some puppy love!

new hard cast for 5wks

I haven't been to my martial arts class since Dec... It is something that I have been doing for 6yrs come this May and I so enjoy it.. but life tends to take over and I just can't get there.. and it is also very hard... mental, physically, and taking a well deserved break is needed sometimes..

For any of you that do not know what Taekwondo is.. It is a martial art that originates in Korea.. My sabumnim (master in korean) is from korea and didn't move to the states until he was an adult.. meaning he teaches his class as they do in Korea... HARDCORE!!! no loving words or warm hugs to keep you going in times of doubt... instead.. pushups and "no pain, no gain" attitude.... "why do you do this?" you are asking....

Taekwondo has changed my life and myself... it has given me the confidence to know that I can do anything I set my mind to.. Mental strength goes so much further than physical strength..I love the way I feel after class when those endorphines are running wild, knowing that I will be sore the next day... going home and taking a hot shower and feel physically exhausted because I have just done atleast 200 kicks in a 50 min class, and countless pushups. I go to class and kick, punch, and yell (kihap), I miss the feel of my dobak (uniform) and the ritual of tieing my belt and feeling proud because I earned it with hard work! the sweat rolling off my forehead, the sound of cracking wood on testing nights, speaking my korean commands, the way the kicking pad feels when you've landed a spinning hook kick perfectly, that feeling that nobody can stop me..

It is not only physical.. mentally it keeps your brain on it's toes.. we learn about korean culture, korean language, sparring, self-defense, kicking patterns (sa bong chucks) and forms (poomse)... plus it has helped build my sons character and self esteem also... there is a bit of fun as well.. breaking boards is a real self esteem booster and doing nunchucks is also fun.. never thought I would be using 2 nunchucks like the great Bruce Lee but with practice anything is possible..

my son and I have one more belt level to complete before we can test for our Black Belts which is a huge undertaking... so study time is upon us and we really need to dig deep and get er done!!

So yes, I will be heading back to class and feeling the pain!!! ahhh I can't wait.. here are a few pics!!

Master Kim... 7th Dan (4th dan is a master title)

Mr. Justin our main instructor.. Breaking Bricks for his 3rd dan test..

2007, coreys silver medal for poomse at tournament

Our last belt test.... new Red/Black belts.... next is Bo dan, and then Black Belt....

My back kick

Waiting for class to start

Our last belt test we had to break two 1 inch boards with a spinning back kick..
think it took me 5 trys !

so... hope you enjoyed a little peek into one of the things I love most, Taekwondo!

until next time!

BTW... won't be posting anymore pics any time soon, jess dropped my camera this morning and it broke... what next!!


  1. Wow, extremely impressive back kick...I'm jealous of those legs!! I can tell your very passionate about Taekwondo. I've never heard of it, but it sounds like something I would love to try.

    Sorry today wasn't much better for you. Hang in there. {{{hugs}}} Your rustic raspberry and blueberry crustada looks yummy! It's a bummer about your camera. I don't know how long I would last without mine. Hope you get a new one soon. I was just telling another blogger about the camera I use. It's no longer sold in stores, because they came out with a new model, but it looks to be dirt cheap on Ebay now. Here's a link to one I got mine about 3 years ago and paid around $300.00 for it...I can't believe how cheap you can get one now...check them out.

  2. thanks so much candace, and you should check out taekwondo.. it is a great family activity and teaches respect, humility, self-control, honesty and a ton of other great things we need our younglings to have in this day and age.. and self defense for our most dojangs impliment report cards, book reports and home reports for level testings. it's not just about kicking and punching it is truly a way to better your life and it's a great workout!

  3. I think it's wonder you do this activity with your kids. I like how it teaches respect, humility, self-control, honesty, and more. Those are among the hardest things to teach. I'm sure it's a great self confidence builder for them too....that's one of the biggest problems I have with my oldest daughter. She lacks confidence and is extremely hard on herself. It's very frustrating and heartbreaking, because no matter what we do or say it doesn't seem to help.