Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cupcakes and Kids

Not a lot to say today, so I thought I would post a few pictures.....

Yummy chocolate cupcakes with homemade cream ch. frosting and some choc. frosting

My Greatest Creations!!! Jessica 10 yrs

Corey 14 yrs



  1. Oh yummy...cream cheese frosting sounds so good!

    Don't get discouraged with your is a slow process, just enjoy your creativity. It took me a long time, before I got rolling and I'm still not really rolling. Keep renewing items in your shop, if you don't do it a few times a week, you will get buried under all the other listings on Etsy. This past fall I got my stuff in a local shop, so that helps me be better if they wouldn't take 50% of it, but it's a good place and I don't have to worry about listing and taking photos. I never did a show, but I plan to try one this year. I know how it is having one's like that for me too. When I started I pretty much focused on making earrings. The were cheap to make and sold easily. From that money I would buy more supplies...I didn't get far fast, but over time I was able to save some money and buy tools I needed. I hope I help you some. If you ever have any other questions, just ask. :)

    Hope you had a beautiful day. :)

  2. Thx candace, It's nice to know that everyone starts out slow.. I haven't done any advertising, except on my facebook page.. so I really need to do that.. I know eventually it will get better..