Sunday, March 8, 2009

warm cookies in my tummy!!


hope everyone is doing well!

As for me, I have warm choco chip cookies in the oven and soon to be in my tummy.. so I'm doing great..

I made a ooey, gooey. cheesy lasagne for dinner last night, yummy comfort food for the cold days of not quite spring.. I should have taken a photo.... I finished my pieces I'm entering in my etsy team contest.. eastern washington team, the theme is spring.. what do you think??

I lightened the top photo with picnik which looks better...
14mm purple freshwater pearls w/ 4mm faceted opalites.. I guess I could have gone more pastels in colors because I think thats what people think of with spring, but these are just beautiful together and I really like it..

bye for now :)


  1. LOL...we had lasagne last night. It was my hubby's b-day and he requested I make it...yummmmm!

    Lovely pices! I adore that necklace and love the color of the freshwater pearls . :)

  2. thanks candace!! I guess I should have said, It's a bracelet! :) unless you have a hobbit neck, then you could wear it for a necklace! :) thanks!

  3. I need to figure out how to take better photos!

  4. gorgeous! Those earrings are especially amazing. It's funny, I've been poking around some blogs today and find myself very drawn to pearls. I wish I had somewhere nice to go. Maybe I'll have to create an occasion.

  5. chocolate and steel.. after the contest, if these don't win I will be posting them in my shop!! most likly seperatly. ;)