Saturday, March 21, 2009

lazy saturday

Hey peoples...

what's going on!!

not a lot here.. just getting ready to make the best homemade spaghetti sauce out of my grandmothers recipe book,.. cool story, so my grandmother and her 2 sisters collaborated and published a cookbook called The three sisters cookbook.. My grandmother is a seventh day adventist and they most times don't eat any meat.. so being introduced to that at a young age I love the veggie recipes.. sham burgers are sooo good.. there not really meat so it's a "sham" anyway.. they only published enough books for their familys!! Me being the kind person I am, loaned my book to a lady I was in hair school with, she also happened to be 7th day adventist so I said " hey I got this great cookbook loaded with veggie recipes, would you like to borrow it!!" she said yes and that's the last I ever saw of it.. well my grandmother was going through some old books and stumbled upon an extra copy she had made for a wife of one of my aunts stepson's.. well they are no longer married and for some reason the cookbook was never sent.. so my grandmother sent it to me with a note inside.. "gaurd this with your life, I do not have anymore".

The cookbook has meat recipes also.. if you are wondering her sisters aren't vegitariens. (don't think I spelled that right) I use this cookbook all the time.. I can't live without it! and I love the fact that it is something that will be handed down for generations..
I'm making the homemade sauce because I'm making meatball subs for dinna... yes that's right homemade meatballs too.. have you guessed that pretty much everything is homemade around my house... :) yummy!!!

I'm so bummed my camera is broken, I have all these great photo ideas running like a t.v. screen in my head.. you know the saying you always want what you cannot have.. well it's like that when you lose or break something.. never think about it when it is accesible right!!!! UGGGG....

In other news.... my etsy team.....eastern washington etsy team is having the first ever team contest.. please go to this website and vote for your favorite entry.. I would of course love for you all to vote for me, but they have some really nice things, so vote for your fave cause on march 27th voting ends. The winning item is givin to a lucky voter!!!! so please take a few quick moments and go vote!!!

what else was I wanting to say... oh, sorry I won't have any more pics up for a while. shouldn't be to long I really am going to need to replace my camera soon.. My sister, bless her, the camera she lent me SUCKED!! so that's out!!

have a great lazy weekend!!


  1. That other cookbook was never sent, because it was meant for you! Now, you'll be able to pass it on one day. :)

    I'm off to cast my vote!! Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. omgosh you and Lisa are making me crave the home made meatballs That is hilarious what your grandmother wrote inside the book, how cool is that?!
    I wish I could cook, I've tried, it just doesn't work. :-/ Kudos to you guys who can!!! :-)

  3. thanks carolyn,
    yes the cookbook is very dear to me.. I would have taken a pic of my yummy meatball sub last night but @##@$%% happens!!
    take it easy!