Thursday, March 5, 2009

Played nice with my torch

Hey, Hey.....

How's it?? I have been doing daily stuff since my last post... cleaned our livingrm carpets, with a new puppers it really needed it badly.. going to hopefully get hardwood through out, we have it in our dining rm which is half of the livingroom.. my husband is a floor installer by trade so it works out perfectly, it's just he works 24/7 and finding time to do fixes on our own home is the last priority. Meanwhile, I sit home and it drives me CRAZY!!!!! He did say he has some materials to do our dining and kitchen. Yeah!! my kitchen has this ugly dark green and white square lanolium floor and it reminds me of a pizza parlor.. Not what I would have picked but thats the great thing about owning, you can change it..

anywho.... I played with my torch a couple days ago.. don't have materials yet to do any soldering hopefully next week, I did order 2 cabs from a nice shop on etsy.. when I get them I will post them.. I did make just a few balled headpins.. I used 20, 24, & 26 gauges of wire.. then pickled, steelwool cleaned them and polished them with my polishing cloth... anyone have a better way to do this please share... I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of trial and error

Very rustic and organic balls, with 20 guage s/s.. I read that fine silver or argentium not sure I spelled right make better balls, meaning not divets in the balls.... is this true?? maybe I should try it when I want a perfect ball.. I tend to learn more towards the rustic organic stuff.. but I'm sure there will be those moments I want something perfect. anyway I thought they were nice for my very first time..

found a great little dremel 300 series at walmart.. hoping to get it soon. DO NOT want to be hand filing, polishing for long.. and Im not ready for a flexshaft yet.. maybe in a yr.. well see

this is what it was like at my house this morning.....when will it end??? the weather has been so nice the last couple of days... was hoping spring had sprung.. :(

roxy new lab puppy loved it. She was running around trying to catch the HUGE snowflakes in her mouth, she is a crack up!!


  1. Great job with your torch! I bet you can't wait to solder and having fun with your fire. :)

  2. isn't it funny how at the very first moment of good weather you think - great! winter is over and spring is here.

    Isn't playing with torches fun! There is so much you can do with a little metal, fire and solder would help too. Have fun