Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blah Blah.....Blah

Hi cyber world...

not a lot today.. but feeling sorry for myself...

the weather is yucky AGAIN, we are broke as a joke.. my husband is a self-employed commercial floor installer so work this mo. has been scarce...plus today is our 2nd wedding anniversary.. yes we were married on St.Pattys day.. no special reason why it just happened to be the most convienent saturday that yr.. we have been together for 15 yrs. so our wedding was a "lets just do it" kind of thing. Our 2 kids, his mom, the pastor and us were the only ones there. It was nice...the worst thing is our daughter fell rollerskating last night and broke her arm, OUCH!! and we have no insurance!! so today is my pity party and Im really trying to think about how many others are worse off than I am..

grateful for...

a warm house to sleep in

food in our tummies

family and friends

air to breath...

I guess Im grateful for the bare minimums!! :)

tomarrow will be brighter... Jessica will be getting her purple/pink cast on!

Happy St. Patricks day!
see ya for now!


  1. Well, first off Happy Anniversary...that's a good thing!

    Sorry you're having one of them days. Hang in there, things will get better....take one day at a time. Awww...your poor Jessica. {{{hugs}}

    I know it's rough when stuff like that happens. My hubby is self employed also and work has slowed down over the winter. Don't get me started on insurance...we have it, but the cost is unbelievable! Sometimes I wonder how we manage to get by.

  2. Hello Sherice. I am sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope she will be better each day.

    Happy Wedding Anniversary! Your family is together, and that is one of the happiest things.

    When I was reading your blog entry today, it made me think about happiness. You taught me something important too.

  3. thanks guys!!
    nice to hear encouraging words.. trying to just focus day to day. hope your days are great!