Tuesday, March 10, 2009

permanent winter?

Yesterday it snowed AGAIN.... about 4 in., I think Spokane has beaten the all time record for snowfall in one winter season. So I made some warm comforting stew and dumplings! one of my favorite meals, I always use red wine and beef stock, never water.. if you have not used red wine for stew you are missing out TRY IT!!

I made some new earrings today.. I will post them soon..

I received my cabochons from a nice shop, HarnessedEarth.etsy.com I can'twait to be able to use them!!

last but not least this is where are puppy goes when she is out of water!!

and marley says HI!!!


  1. Now that looks like some comfort food...belly filling and warm.

    You did a lovely job with the earrings...love the second pair! What is the blue stone?

    LOL...a pup in the tub is much better then a pup in the toliet bowl...too cute!

  2. the Blue stone is blue lace agate, Isn't it pretty, I thought I have to have it even though Im far from bezel setting!! thanks the stew was delish and the puppy (roxy) has a great pesonality..

  3. yummy.....
    how bout the rest of the recipe...
    glad I popped in today..
    great blog........
    almost close enough to touch ya..
    beautiful jewels... and family
    mona & the girls