Friday, March 20, 2009

feeling springy!!

Hey Hey,

what do you think of the changes I've made to my blog??

So today I'm feeling springy... looking forward to some heavy duty spring cleaning.. I want to open the windows and doors and let the spring air breeze through and take the old winter, stagnant air out !!!

today the temp is upper 50's almost hitting 60 and boy it is nice... winter is behind us... if you read my blog then you know that lately I have been in a slump.. and so have a few other blogs I follow.. well, I sense a turning point..

so now my husband has more work than he can do, (3 schools) which is always the case in any contractor trade.. it seems when it's slow it's dead and when it's busy you can never catch up!!! so I'm thankful that the slow slump is finally taking a turn for the better.. 3 wks of hardly any work has takin it's toll when your a one income family and I feel that it has a lot to do with my blah mood..

my daughter broke my camera yesterday, so my sis has lent me her very old digital camera and I will see how the pics are once I take a few shots..

I'm in the middle of making the cutest pair of amethyst and hemitite star earrings.. and hoping this borrowed camera will get me by till I can purchase a new one..( although my mom is going to see about getting the broken one fixed.. it is technically hers.. keeping fingers crossed)

I hope all are feeling the renewed outlook that spring can bring and that your days are full of sunshine and bunnies...



  1. Hi Sherice!
    Your blog looks terrific. That dessert looks so yummy, dang I am hungry. I am thrilled your husband's work has picked up. I know the feeling very well. Chris is a carpenter and has not brought home a full paycheck in months. He just started a remodel that is going to take 5 months, thanks goodness. Have a great weekend!

  2. lisa,
    that's great your hubby has some good work! Ron has 3 schools starting up here in about a week..(he does commercial floor installation) more work than his 4 man crew can do but he will manage. the dessert was super easy.. let me know if you want the recipe!!
    hope your weekend is relaxing!

  3. Hi Sherice!
    I'm so happy to hear your hubby got more work. That'll relive some stress for you and him. I love your new springy feel and your music! I'll be listening to it. :)

  4. thx candace,
    I like all different types of music.. but I'm really enjoying this band Ringside. I wish they would make a new album!!