Thursday, March 12, 2009

sun is shining


here's my stew recipe.... a lovely lady (mona) asked for it...

when I cook, sometimes I just throw things in and eyeball stuff.. so bear with me.. and you can always add or change anything, depending on amount your feeding or if you want more liquid or less.. I like more because I make dumplings and I like to have a little liquid even when my dumpling is in the bowl... This is the way I do it....

get a pkg or 2 of stew meat... I always place some flour in a ziplock throw in the stew meat and coat.. in lrg, deep pan brown meat on all sides with some olive oil.. remove meat and set aside..add 1 lrg onion, chopped to your liking (I like mine fairly small) you may need to add a bit more oil, saute.. you can always skip this step and just put them in with all the other cut veggies, but there is something about sauteing onions, so that's the way I do it....

add your meat back in to pan with onions...add about 3 cups any red wine you like to drink and 3 cups of beef broth... add 1 pkg beef stew seasoning mix and stir.. I know it is alot of liquid but as the stew cooks it will reduce and thicken.. like I said before I like a bit more liquid so if you don't add less...

put on a lid and let simmer for a couple hrs... stirring from time to time.. just a note.. I don't follow the recipe on the back of the beef stew seasoning mix but you can if you want!

about 1 hr before I want to eat, I cut up carrots & potatoes, you can add whatever else you like in stew and through them in.. about 1o mins before I add my dumplings I put in a can of drained gr. beans... after about 10 mins.. I add my dumplings on top of simmering stew.. and always sprinkle a little herbs de province on top of dumplings when I get them in the pot.. leave the lid off for about 10mins and then place lid on for 10 mins.. whalla... stew is done!!

Okay now the dumpling recipe is just good ol bisquick it's on the box!! and depending on how long my stew has been simmering I might add more liquid.. like I said I tend to eyeball everything.. so make it once and see what you like or don't!! ENJOY!!!

My lastest creation!! my daughter really loved the blue goldstones so I got them to make something for her... they paired up nicely with the blue chalcedony!!
posting it in my shop today so there are a few more pics you can check out there!!!

the weather is supposed to warm up into the 50's by tues.. which will be great, it has been in the teens this wk and even 8 degrees one night this week, BRRRRR!!!!!

so 50's will seem like summer.. hopefully this was our last bout of winter and spring will be here soon!! a girl can dream right??

later gators.. see ya on the flip side!! :)


  1. Hello. The necklace is very BEAUTIFUL!! I like the combination of blue and white.

  2. thanks Sherice..
    nice busy tired girl recipe..
    pretty pretty jewells
    mona & the girls
    more SUN today..YEAH