Saturday, March 28, 2009

viruses suck

Hi- my computer has a yucky virus so I will be trying to post from my blackberry/moms computer. Taking mine in to get fixed and won't have it back for a couple wks. Still no luck with the hot water tank, looks like we will have to replace it. Found a nice one a homedepot for 400.00,hopefully just replacing the damn thing will be the answer, we've tried everything else! That's what's happening at the potter house! Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I'm thinking of Lisa and wishing I was somewhere sunny and warm too!


  1. I hope you will have hot water soon.
    Here it is snowing now!! I hope you have better weather than our place

  2. Awww...that sucks! Hope you get hot water tank soon. And now a computer virus...what's next?!

  3. Hi guys! I'm hoping our rut is finally running out its course! We can't take much more. I will have my comp up and running again soon!sherice