Sunday, March 15, 2009

eawa team contest!!

Hey out there,

Hope all is well on this sunday... here it is raining, windy and cold....

On march 20th voting begins !! we are having our first ever team contest.. spring is the theme.. so anyone who visits my blog please go and vote for your favorite begins at 5pm. You will then be entered to win the winning item.. voting is open for 1 wk only so don't forget!!! This is my entry... a bracelet and earrings set.

Freshwater coin pearls and opalite faceted rounds!

I can't wait until next sat when Twilight comes out on DVD... think I might reread the book again.. such a great series.. I didn't understand all the Twilight hoopla until I finally picked up the books and couldn't put it down.... Please write more Stephanie!!!!

My favorite sandwich and favorite beer... a yummy cucumber, pepperjack, avocado sandwich, sprouts would have been an improvement but you work with what you got right! and an ice cold refreshing apricot ale... my little slice of heaven in spokane!

I'm also having a special in my shop until April 15th.... buy any item and get my Itty bitty paddle earrings for FREE!!! So go check it out!!

I hope everyone's sunday is a relaxing as mine is turning out to be....

signing off.... for now!


  1. Hello. The brecelet and earrings are pretty. But I also love Itty bitty paddle earrings.
    You make pretty jewelry, Sherice.

    Oh, I have never tried "apricot ale". Is it sweet? Do you taste a flavor of apricot? I do not like sweet drink much, but I am very interested in it.

  2. Hi Sherice,
    Very sweet spring jewelry! I also love the simplicity of the Paddle Earrings. I hope your torch has been treating you well.

  3. Hi Mai,
    The apricot ale is sooo good, not really sweet and the after taste is a touch of apricot.. wonderful on a hot summer day! you can usually buy just one at the grocery store.. then if you don't like you haven't wasted your money.

    Thanks for the nice compliments about my jewelry.. I haven't been doing it for a real long time so I'm often a self doubter..

    have a great day!

  4. lisa,
    yes my torch is awesome and I'm really itching to get going further, but for now it is simple stuff... thanks!!
    have a good day!

  5. Oh, that sand which relly does look good. :) I love cucumber, pepperjack and avocado, but never had it all together like that...I may have to give it a shot.

    Good luck with yout teams contest. I'll be checking it out.

    I'm excited about Twilight too!!!! I'm in the middle of my third book and can't stop reading. I can't wait to see it on DVD!!!

  6. I don't know why I spelled the words "sandwhich" and "really" the way I did in the last post....I think my fingers were getting ahead of!

  7. Great job on those earrings they are really cool! :-)