Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hot Water!!

Hi folks,

well another day, another disaster.... for about a yr now we have been fighting with our propane hot water heater.. ugg homeownership isn't always as fun as we think it will be.... we don't have a home improvement nest egg hidden under our mattress like some people do, so it's out of our monthly pocket.... just getting back into the groove of things after 3wks no work/no income.. this is really a trial of our patience and I just want it to be over....and to take a hot shower!!!!! so my wonderful and resourceful husband has done everything imaginable to figure this delimma out.. the pilot light just won't stay lit.. or it will for a few months/days then go out... that's why we have been fighting this for a it won't even light, I guess we are going to have to just bite the bullet and get a whole new hot water heater!!! can't we just get an electric one?? PLEASE!!! an element is so much easier...

In other news... my mom had gotten a 4yr warranty with her camera, yeah mom, so it will be getting fixed!!!! I should have pics back up again soon!

Now I'm going to watch Transporter 3, Jason Statham is such a hottie and has an accent to boot!! YUM!!!! I will feel better seeing muscles and back kicks!!!

see ya!!


  1. Oh Sherice! Being a home owner is challenging sometimes, i hope it's nothing serious. Good news about the camera!!

  2. No hot water,,, that would be difficult...
    I hope all of you do not catch a cold.

    Your situation without a camera is just like my situation without a sewing machine.
    Geuss what? I have 4 custom orders to be filled....